Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Finding fragments in journals.

Words tumble from my mouth like I’m dreaming, drooling and I’m not even sure what I’m saying. I feel like I’m gliding rather than walking and my body is on its own, the brain connection got lost somewhere. And I can see you, and I can see them but it doesn’t matter because I don’t acknowledge it. I’m a mess. of words and ideas but nothing gets done. I’m sad but I’m not sure why. I’m happy but only momentarily. And it catches me off guard the way my hair moves and the sun is bright, and I feel it against my face and in my eyes. And I stop and it’s like I can feel what’s going on in my head, the sharp edges of words scraping against my skull, pictures behind my eyes clouding my vision. And I feel it, and it catches me off guard.

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