Monday, April 12, 2010

Re-visiting, Re-working.



I chased you
down the road in my bare feet,
pebbles getting caught
between my toes
and in the cracks forming in my heels.
You were always
just out of reach,
your long body slipping
away from my sticky palms.
My breath was ragged in my chest
and my running slowed.
You disappeared
around a patch of foliage.

I spat my big words
at your invisible image
and you painted the sky
midnight blue,
bringing down patches of
end of winter rain
onto my pink cheeks.
Your sadness drawn
into the clouds.


  1. oh my god i love it so far. 2 posts in, and you're already a genious. keep it up - i like the theme - poetry and beautiful music? beautiful people do beautiful things, my dear.

  2. how is this the first a.mcgill poem
    ive ever read.

    love it lady